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"We had separate portraits done of each of our sons commemorating their 16th birthdays. Greg met with each of our boys, listened to their interests and took time to know them and what their ideas were for their portrait. Greg reflected on what he learned and returned with several ideas. The result was portraits that captured each of their personalities. Greg went above and beyond. The portraits are something we will treasure for a lifetime and also something we will pass on to future generations...they capture a lasting memory. We enjoy them each day as they hang in our family room. Greg is a gifted and talented artist and we are grateful to have these portraits that reflect a special time in each of our boys lives."
- Mrs. Bev Merwin , CA

16th birthday portraits commissioned for Mr. and Mrs. Mike Merwin.

Pastor Alford. Retirement portrait commissioned by First Presbyterian Church, Schenectady, N.Y.

Willie Nelson

Commissioned family portrait by Mr. and Mrs. Hart.

John Hart (Study for family portrait).

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