John Locke is America's intellectual founding father. His philosophical fingerprints are all over our founding documents. This brilliant British thinker possessed a soaring intellect and staggering powers of reasoning. His understanding of human nature and gift for analyzing political institutions and social structures profoundly influenced American founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Over a lifetime of concentrated observation, John Locke authored an impressive body of work that is still influencing us today.

Going where few men had ever gone before, John Locke, like the Hubbel Telescope, explored the deep space of two worlds, penetrating the invisible wall that separates and joins both our natural world and the unseen spiritual world. His curiosity concerning the true nature of reality about these two worlds which God created, including the natural and spiritual laws designed and embedded within them, led Locke to conclusions about our world, not based on how he wanted or wished it to be, but based on how it really is.

Locke believed that our original "state of nature" is governed by a "law of nature." Nature's law descends from nature's God. God created the world and humans. We are created in His image and by nature are "free, equal and independent." Therefore, natural law dictates that "no one aught to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions." Thomas Jefferson and our founders codified this philosophical starting point in our Declaration of Independence. "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." I would like to attempt to pique your interest and to acquaint you with Locke's philosophical starting point and how it animated and influenced the formation of the original American mind by restating it this way.

In the beginning God had an infinite number of ways to introduce Himself to us; He chose creator. Locke and our founders used scripture as one reference point for reality, a source for how nature's laws and the moral laws of God play in concert with one another in our world to create reality. Genesis 3:1 records our Creator's first words, "Let there be light." Light allows us to see the beauty of creation and also contains the color spectrum. So, like an artist, God took light and color and connected them with the concepts of shape, shade, texture and unlimited variety creating the beauty of the visible world, the thing we call nature. Then, God took truth, timeless principles of reality from the unseen world, "supernature", and embedded them within the beauty of our natural world.

Because God is spirit He has no body and is without a face. Without a face, it is difficult to have a relationship. So, God made nature His face. This is why we can look straight into the face of a glorious sunset and feel something like worship rise up inside of us. God's face is unlike any human face composed of five basic physical features: two eyes, a nose and a mouth. His facial features are immensely more fascinating. They are the black, velvet night sky studded with diamond-like stars winking playfully at us. They are the shallow, translucent, cobalt, waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef inviting us to walk with Him. They are the jagged, craggy, peaks of the Rocky Mountains scraping the "thin places" where the natural world touches the seamless edge of the supernatural world. All of this and more is God's face, hidden in plain sight, right in front of us.

I think Locke believed, and by extension our founders believed, that nature and "supernature" are a paradox. They exist seemingly as two separate worlds, one visible and one invisible; yet, they are expressions of one reality, a unity of two worlds. The Creator who made them both made them for one another. We receive from Him, among other things, liberty, life, freedom to pursue happiness, the meaning and purpose of life, timeless principles of reality to be learned and applied, and divine guidance to make life's decisions. We need the Creator. For example, as Locke believed and Thomas Jefferson wrote in our Declaration of Independence, it is God who holds our unalienable rights and protects them from tyrants. Our founder's brought two worlds together, inviting God into government and everyday life. They struck the balanced center of reality: there was to be no establishment of religion or theocracy by government. Yet, at the same time, there was to be no separation of God and we the people. There would not be, in America, as there was in Europe, an unholy alliance of one established state sanctioned religion linked to government, working, their tyrannical power and corruption to hurt the people. In other words, our founders, in creating the Declaration of Independence, attempted to establish a nation of people on the foundation of a document that operates in concert with the Creator; who's Divine design was to bring as much freedom as possible to any nation that would look to Him and not men in government or religion, as their authority and source. Locke and the American founders understood that freedom is God's intention for the human race and that God and freedom are inextricably linked together like spring and new life.

In God are hid all the treasures of life. In Locke's search for liberty, he discovered that freedom is God's original idea for the entire human race. American exceptionalism came to be because the American founders adopted and applied Locke's ideas. America began with blessing and promise because our founding leaders humbled themselves before their creator and intentionally consulted Him as their indispensable necessity to help them form the original American mind and launch the American experiment. America and its exceptionalism are not based on a nation's superiority complex. They are based on a simple principle of reality contained in scripture, "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up." Locke's intellectual guidance led the American founders to a place where our natural world touches the unseen spiritual world. Where those two worlds meet and touch is where America was born. In my humble opinion, I believe it is imperative for Americans, to return to their roots and identity and renew their minds and remember, as our freedom is now at steak. America is a miracle due to many. But, it is John Locke's philosophical foundation that made it "the world's best hope."